Take me home, where my dreams are made of gold


My desire in earning an editorial internship started during my internship at LAA last year and ever since then I had been scrambling through cyber space in search of an editorial assistant position.

It took me months in finding one, basically because such internships were only open for diploma students. Having declined several times, it was frustrating on my end so when I submitted my application alongside my one and only writing sample to my current company, all I wished for was an interview and not a straight rejection.

Few days after the interview, I got a call stating I was offered the job.

It’s been slightly more than a week since I last started work. Hectic right from day 1, and the morning rush hour and waking at 7am every day ( have been sleeping in till 10am for the last 8 months or so) didn’t help. But I found myself anticipating work every morning, because for once it wasn’t routine work I was facing.

True that I had mundane work at times and I was pressed for time on publishing dates. The House Style for one thing was stressing me out because every detail mattered, sometimes at the expense of my writing style. Uncomfortable but compromise it is. Busy days forced me to work with 3 monitor screens simultaneously with the Nescafe coffee machine being my new best friend. Sounds overworked huh. I’m still alive and kicking no worries!

The fun element of my work is probably what keeps me going. From attending concerts to holding interviews, meeting new people always makes me excited. Oh of course, all the media passes for concerts and movie premieres are just shiok!

I’m glad for this fast-paced working environment however because it pushes me real hard while forcing me to step out of my comfort zone at times. It is indeed tougher than expected but I haven’t felt such sense of accomplishment and joy for ages.

On a side note, Chrissy Costanza looks really good in person, I was star-struck for a moment! hehehe


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