I don’t wanna sit on the pavement while you fly

IMG_20140907_220748It was said that you learn the most when you participate events alone, so I gave it a shot in the most recent Cafe Fest 2014. While it wasn’t the most smooth sailing event, it certainly was a fresh experience for me as a volunteer.

So apparently because the location was open to public, security wasn’t tight enough and public could enter regions supposedly limited to only VIP pass holders. To make matters worse, cafes were also selling F&B to public, which was not supposed to be the case because apparently the festival was only open to pass holders.

Call it suay or suay, I volunteered for the 2nd day of the festival and numerous pass holders were simply upset. Somehow, the team braved through the entire day and wrapped things up decently.

IMG-20140907-WA0017Thankfully, I met an awesome team, mainly made up of people in their 20s but from all walks of lives. With several being graphic designers and others as students, I was lucky enough they were all amicable to start conversations with.

While the ugly side of unhappy customers surfaced unexpectedly, witnessing how the team came together and appeasing customers was truly a moving sight. For not shying away from disgruntled customers and enduring the heat, much thanks to my fellow troopers!

Attending an event alone had always been on my bucket list. And because I lacked the courage in doing so till recently, the sense of achievement is truly satisfying.



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