Jung Joon Young

Ben told me he couldn’t understand why I am so into Jung Joon Young. It’s okay Ben, you’re not the only one.

tumblr_nc63ihQ4yA1seo0pbo1_500Some fans know him through Superstar K4 ( a korean singing competition) or We Got Married. Others recognised him as a rising star in variety shows. I mean just look at him.

tumblr_myyvdnXrex1t6fjjoo4_500tumblr_myyvdnXrex1t6fjjoo2_500tumblr_myyvdnXrex1t6fjjoo3_500And look at what the Weekly Idol ( variety show) MC said.

tumblr_n95hjsqbd61ru7khoo3_500tumblr_n95hjsqbd61ru7khoo1_500And that’s just a glimpse of his 32D personality.

Screenshot 2013-10-23 22.23.04Tell me who else uses guitar cases as a suitcase to store skincare products.

ibsiYTVEwbI3IrJJY’s reaction when he found out his on screen wife is much older than him. LIKE WHATTTTTT

jung-joon-young_1387742593_afWhen he heard that moisture helps to cut the sugar candy into the shape he wanted…

tumblr_muzqmlDlwJ1qkc652o3_r1_500An ultra-man wanna be but not quite HAHAHA

And whoever knows me knew that I have a soft spot for kids. When babysitting these 3 kids, JJY wanted to be their friend instead of a 1 Day daddy. My heart just melted when I saw these pictures.

tumblr_mw5x8yZyVx1s3a015o4_250tumblr_mw5x8yZyVx1s3a015o7_250imagestumblr_mw5x8yZyVx1s3a015o2_250Bzk_iIxCYAEojARBzk_sycCcAApTtdAnd of course not forgetting the rock spirit.

tumblr_myala6y40e1s8ewgmo1_250However, he changes completely when it’s time for him to rock on stage.

tumblr_ncc1z0SNtB1r0u46to3_500tumblr_myhxoiHbAj1r0u46to1_500BzjtsKECMAA02qjBzlN-rOCYAIon-5tumblr_ncspo1ZdvI1sh5vjno2_500tumblr_nchhs5k0GQ1sh5vjno6_1280In contrary to JJY’s 1st mini album, I was glad he penned down all the lyrics and went beyond classic rock ballads in his 2nd album. Having stood by his original music colour of alternative rock, this album appealed so much to me I downloaded all the songs ( yeah I usually nit-pick the songs).

tumblr_nchnzsasBV1rd5qnko2_400I used to hate all the screaming in rock music but it is funny how heartfelt JJY’s 2nd mini album can be. In fact, I found myself seeking comfort from exhaustion in his songs everyday after work.

With the company’s wish of him pursuing pop rock instead of hard rock in JJY’s first album, I witnessed the struggles of a true musician who was split between public’s favour of mainstream music versus his passion.

10669293_819367391440384_378739997357500893_oAnd not only did he not succumb to everyone else’s opinions, JJY relied on his own personal connections in search of a production team to help refine and express his music style.

tumblr_nbyvlwouGo1r0u46to2_500Rock may not be the most popular genre amongst the public but I was thankful that there remains someone in the industry who pursues it anyhow. Yesterday may be JJY’s 1st anniversary since debut but this is certainly not the last.

Whether you’re silly like this

tumblr_ncggo8dRUI1tzy1rfo3_250or passionate as hell

tumblr_nd6h49xMHQ1rteimro5_r1_250you’re the best because of your amazing courage despite tough times. Rock on!



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