Behind those words

I can’t believe how fast time actually flies. It’s been a year since I had graduated from NY, 8 months since I had received my not-so-very-good results and a little more than 3 months since I had made a life-changing decision of taking a gap year. Previously I was cautious mentioning about this choice and found myself sliding in and out of my comfort zone constantly. Just as how practically everyone was doubtful of my decision, I believe I was more uncertain than anyone else. While my loved ones came to understand my thoughts gradually, I was sure that wholehearted support was never in the picture. My voice became smaller but I kept going anyhow since there was no turning back. The number of new people I had met in these 2 months plus easily surpassed the number of new people I had met in any other phase of my life. From new colleagues to interviewees, I was glad I had met each and every of them because watching their reactions and perspective of my decision was also amusing and interesting. Just last week, I was interviewing a cafe owner and she revealed her unconventional education path as an Arts student. And after I had shared about my education choices and current workscope, she said to me: ” Good job, you’ve made the right choice.” And this was my first ever approval. Those words were surprisingly overwhelming as it dawned on me how much I yearned to hear those supportive words. What’s more, it came from someone I barely knew. It was funny how I was able to open up to her so easily when previously I was so hesitant in telling my friends. I left the place feeling more light-hearted than ever, as if a boulder had been lifted off my shoulders and it felt like I could raise my head again. I guess this is why people relate their stories to strangers: because of this magical element of comfort one received.


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