Weekend dinner

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetBecause my dad bought home some noodles from Malaysia. For some reason, they’re really thin and smooth, perfect for slurping!

Processed with VSCOcamOn top of that, mum made drunken prawns. She wanted to use some cooking wine but realised that there was none left so she used liquor instead. It tasted blander than its smell but it’s still thumbs up!

On a side note, December is really my holiday month. I’ve been abusing my annual leave and time off but I need a breather anyway so it’s awesome that my annual leave kicked in just in time.

So I’ve been meeting up with old friends, from jamming to just catch-up sessions over meals and though I made it seemed so mundane the way I’m writing it, I’m excited every time I meet them. Another thing which made me excited recently is Elementary. Started this because of Amanda’s recommendation and damn, I’m hooked. At least I didn’t have to wait years for a new season to be out. And this is the reason why I refused to start watching Sherlock.

I’m so darn tired and hell it’s only Monday.


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