December shower

tumblr_nfnlitl0Vf1rkea4fo1_500 tumblr_nfnlitl0Vf1rkea4fo2_500 tumblr_nfnlitl0Vf1rkea4fo3_500No not the same Jung Joon Young but I miss this program so much. Watching his crazy side come alive is weirdly liberating. Maybe I’ve been living too cautiously or something. It’s dec already and I feel the urge to do a wrap up of this year and come to think about it this has been yet the most adventurous year I ever lived… so far. But I shall leave that till next time while I focus on not letting the monday blues chew me away. tumblr_mxu9gvJ1I81t14im1o6_250November’s over but here’s a rip off version of slash in November rain. heh


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