I have an overdue wrap up post but my exhaustion is no joke today so that post will have to wait till next time. I know it’s impossible to start a new year with a clean slate (at least for me personally) and it has yet to dawn on me that 2014 over. The countdown party at Marina Bay seemed more like a NDP cum Big Bang concert to me and the 5,4,3,2,1 countdown itself didn’t hold much meaning except for the fireworks that followed. And the show afterwards was even more awesome -inserts smirk emoji-

BeFunky_P1010748.jpg BeFunky_P1010798.jpg BeFunky_P1010800.jpg BeFunky_P1010827.jpg BeFunky_P1010830.jpgYes they are all of different sizes because I cropped and edited them.Bigbang gave a perfect show, as always and I’m so so glad that they did not disband despite tough times. Top’s sliver hair made him extra hot I can’t help but change by bias already. Sorry GD.

BeFunky_P1010794.jpgChengce and I predicted the lineup songs for BB and we got half the list right. Those 45 minutes was nothing but nostalgic because all the alive tour memories in 2012 came flooding back. It was definitely nice seeing BB again now I can’t wait for their new songs, new album and new tour.

Meanwhile, I’m sitting here having a sorethroat. 老了。

Bye 2014.



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