Goodbye 2014


Took this picture some back back. Back then I was trying to reassure myself. Today, my heart is not completely at ease but the fear in not knowing what lies ahead had died down quite a bit.  2014 was a year of realisations for me, because of experiences and adversities.

Previously, I couldn’t quite grab the steering wheel and I was just going wherever everyone went. It was until my uni admittance was declined did it strike me that I was not under any obligation to follow a path where everyone seemed to be heading towards. No doubt, it was a struggle initially where everyone’s opinions seemed to drown my inner voice. It was a lonely fight, until one fine day I received acknowledgement from people, because they realised I was happy with what I was doing.

I was asked why I chose to do editorial work. Simply because I love writing and taking upon such role was on my bucket list. No kidding HAHAHA. I guess my love for writing was attributed to my internship at LAA 2 years back.

But I very well know that I can’t do editorial work for a living. And the reason? Limitations I guess. Nevertheless, I was glad for all the opportunities my editor had given me.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetThanks for all the priorities, I got to skip queues and avoid the crowd. Sadly all of these are coming to an end in 5 weeks time. I’ll miss you media passes ):

2014 wasn’t all that good and well for my friends either. Their loved ones had encountered deaths and mishaps. As I hear their stories and reflect upon my own life, I realised that my struggle could not be compared to them because they lost someone permanently while my vision of life was just blurred temporarily. It was also around that time when I understood what it meant by ‘happiness is smiling at you, but you’re overlooking it by focusing on your pain instead’. As a result, I started cherishing my family a lot more.

Now I feel as if I’m just getting my life started having steered it towards a certain direction. I’m starting to piece bits of my life together but every now and then we trip and fall a little. And that’s when we need comfort isn’t it? That leads me to my next point.

I’ve come to realised that people don’t stay permanently in your life. They serve their purpose and they walk away, some abruptly, some so quietly you don’t realise they are gone until it’s too late. And that’s probably one of the reasons why I turned to music. I started loving rock a lot more in 2014 partly because of Jung Joon Young. I don’t have to elaborate my love for him as I think it’s pretty apparent from my countless inclusion of his gifs in my previous posts. It led from one singer to another and it just grew from there when I also realised that the best healing songs came from those fused with rock. Why? I’m not sure either, probably because of the stark contrast in the lyrics and the loud music?

And I guess that’s about my 2014. Not all that fantastic but not all that bad either. Looking forward to a brand new year ^^



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