Purple Planet

Losing someone that was once your world is devastating. No matter how many times someone will say it’s time to move on it won’t ever help.

It’s kinda like having a loose tooth as a kid. Right when you notice your tooth is loose you want to get it out as soon as possible. Thinking about getting something from the tooth fairy is so intoxicating you try to pull your tooth out even when you only can move it a little. It hurts like hell and you keep trying but you just can’t pull a tooth out like that, you have to be patient. You have to wiggle it around and test it’s limits until you know it’s time.

I feel like moving on is like that. No matter what, you can’t just move on after they leave. You have to understand your limits and can’t push too hard. I know you’ve heard it before and you will so much more in your life because it’s true, time fixes everything. Just make sure you aren’t hurting yourself for no reason while you’re waiting.

– Cassie Ramirez


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