Fragile and Dear

So it’s Sunday night and I am well aware that I have to be up early tomorrow morning for work, not to even mention squeezing and smelling women’s overly sweet perfume during rush hour. And hence this little part of me choose to stay awake and indulge in the silence I truly appreciate in my room at this hour though a big part of me yearn to be crashing right now.

I came across this article titled Why We Value Something The Most When It’s Gone and here’s an extract from it.

” It’s not because we consciously take things for granted.

We do this unintentionally because of the comfort of their continuous existence.
The uncertainty of time has made us fools into believing that we, and everything around us are infinite – like a pretense we know of, but ignore.”

This was an answer I had been looking for in many years in fact. It is true that the uncertainty in time made us believe that the state of comfort we are in is infinite. So the next question is, do we not get too attached then?

My answer is no, we should still go ahead and follow our instincts instead of our minds, at least for me personally. And the reason being? I have tried detaching before but ended up with regrets and an overwhelming bucketful of ‘what ifs’.

As I had mentioned in my previous post that I believe that people come and go in our lives, I am convinced that this will not hinder me from getting too attached to people and things. Sure enough, they will become memories 10, 20 years down the road but honestly one never know what to expect from each relationship. There is this element of surprise awaiting to be discovered and it will be a pity if we downright detach ourselves from it. This probably is another example which manifests the significance of process outweighing the ending, isn’t it?


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