So I spent my new year’s eve watching the last episode of Healer and having some intense drama withdrawals, something which I haven’t experienced for a long time. In fact, I could feel the withdrawals coming in when I’m halfway through the drama and its rating of 9++% proves that it’s such an underrated drama.  But why? Ji Chang Wook is the male lead and his character is nothing but suave. Well it is no doubt he is mainly the reason why I’m so attached to the drama. No kidding ahahahaha.

From him acting as a nerd

141209-‘힐러’-홈웨어부터-작업복까지-지창욱의-3단-변신_2to the healer climbing rooftops…

지창욱so charming la please.

I can go on and on about how sleek Ji Chang Wook’s acting is in this drama but I shall stop here… Okay last one, let us take a moment to appreciate his broad shoulders heh



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