It has been 3 busy weeks (and still counting) since most interns have already left. Honestly I felt a tinge of indifference behind the seemingly welcoming smiles and handshakes from the co-workers on my first day at work. Undoubtedly, I was surprised initially but I realised that it’s a norm for people to come and go  in the office. It seems that people are either desensitized over time or that it’s a defensive measure to prevent over-attachment, because they are bound to leave anyhow.

I have been wanting to write about Misaeng a while back but I held back till I finished this drama, and I’m glad I did. Given that this is a drama which revolves around lives of office workers, I was drawn in immediately. As much as it was relatable, it was equally depressing to watch because it manifested the harshest reality ever. Office-workers left due to various reasons and new people replaced them. As much as they welcome the new workers, the sentimentality left from the previous ones could not be ignored.

Misaeng takes a bold approach towards a sensitive yet necessary topic – credentials. It was one nice tight slap across my face as it portrayed the unavoidable pragmatism in society, but it was exactly that which made the drama so motivating and heartfelt. The drama carries so much emotional scenes which are honestly relatable to almost everyone, not just office workers.

The word Misaeng meant incomplete life when translated and I was impressed at how the drama progressed and soared with this one word as their core. I love how the show made not just one, but several characters protagonists and heroes in attempt to complete their lives at different points of the drama. Who knew that phrases such as ‘see you tomorrow’ and ‘our kid’ can make you weep away? No it will not make you cringe, it will move your heart and I’m not even kidding about it.

Okay I admit that I’m extremely emotionally invested in Misaeng.

This is the first drama which left me having a lump in my throat at the end of almost every episode yet feeling satisfied when the drama has ended. It had a strong opening scene before it drives you nuts (but in a good way) with their following depressing episodes. The drama did a pretty well-rounded wrap up which left me thinking about the initial reasons why I first started my job and why I am still doing it.

“There are things in life that we start even with a predetermined end.”

“Hang in there.”


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