Your Life Is A Shitshow And Here’s Why That’s Okay

Thought Catalog

Twenty20 / antonyzac Twenty20 / antonyzac

When you’re in college, you think your life is a shitshow because you’re going out four nights a week, you barely have any semblance of responsibility, and your main concern is making sure you don’t schedule any classes before 10 a.m.

You make mistakes and you screw things up and you laugh about it with your friends. Your love life is usually a wreck, but in a funny way, because so is everyone else’s. You’re surrounded by versions of yourself on all sides: other people whose lives are just as messy and silly and disorganized as yours.

But then you leave college and your life is still a shitshow, but in a more serious, less funny way. Maybe your version of a mess is that you’re not yet married, or even dating. Or maybe you’re stressed out because you have a wonderful relationship but you’re not feeling…

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