Still alive.

So yes, I am highly aware of how long it has been since I last blogged. Sadly however, something always cropped up whenever I had the urge to blog, thus my feel for writing flew away just like that. Rather than an update post that goes on for ages with paras after paras, this is just a short one exclaiming that I’m still alive- pretty well actually. The proper update post(s) will probably come in tomorrow or few days later because I actually do have quite a few stuff to blog about HEH. In any case, tomorrow marks the last day of my internship which lasted for 11 months. I foresee myself missing the team, the working environment, my chances to go for fun events and opportunities for me to write both thrashy and opinion pieces. On the bright side, school is starting, which means more writing, so hopefully my momentum will keep me going till then. As for now, I’m heading to bed to recharge myself for my final interview tomorrow. 2834023882_dd795e0b_237042788_e8a6b03d_viewimageM-19


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