Turning 20

The big 2 hit me last month and I had one of the most unconventional gift ever. As normal as a scrapbook might sound, the messages written were full of puns, recollections, advices and warmth (not to even mention all the pro photoshop skills HAHA). That book shall be kept safely in my drawer (:


Story behind this photo: I got my Americano from Starbucks early morning. As sleepy as I was, I was pretty sure I told the barista my name was Grace. Guess she was equally tired as well and so the name right smacked on my cup was Kris. Plot twist? This was the name of someone from a certain agency who did not do a very good job. So dear sammy found the whole situation funny and took this photo of grumpy me.

Skechers event

Woah, a K-pop event indeed. The media were as rough as fans so it was utterly difficult for me to even capture a proper picture during Sistar’s opening at the store. But yup thanks to the fact that I wasn’t alone, or I wouldn’t have dared to kick my shoes off and stand on chairs to snap photos. Wasn’t helping that I was lugging a dslr with a Tamron zoom lens. But I learnt my lesson and grabbed a spot beside the stage during the post event performance. 😉 And I managed to attain a free pair of skechers shoes as well. Worth the squeezing and shoving I guess.


Did I mention I had free dinner too? Gonna miss these media privileges

Big Bang World Tour

One lessons I learnt after turning 20 is that I’m getting a little too old for mosh pit. YES I’m dead serious. But it certainly didn’t hinder me having fun for this concert (the body ache came after the concert). It was 3rd time seeing them and yet I was still as starstruck as ever. Well, it was my first time getting so close up to them (3rd row from stage OMG) so one can’t really blame me. Throughout my years in the fandom and prior to the concert, Daesung never did catch my eye, until I saw him up close. And then I understood why fans fell so hard for this boy. Although his past did play a significant part for my reasons in liking him, part of it was attributed to the warm vibe he gives off. My concert withdrawals hit me especially hard while I was writing the review as everything was so vivid still. So if you want to read the BB concert review from a fangirl’s pov, you can view it here ^^ (love the title can I just say HAHAH)



Goodbye my desk ): Yes I have a LKY public service mag seated on the spoiled desktop staring at me everytime I look up. Cup noodles was from my Nissin cup noodle event. Chopsticks was buried under the pile of papers HAHA. Post it notes are little reminders of common housestyle errors placed by previous interns. May it continue passing on~ Pillow puffs was one of the items for our goodie bags back in SHINE Fest. That was an extra and apparently Sammy scribbled something on the box. Extra sugar pack was when I made tea, yes with my IKEA cup! Turned out I only needed 1 packet of sugar. Light actually shoots out from the minion’s eyes. I freaked out the first time Sammy gave it to me HAHAHA. Kindle and breakfast is my daily routine after I on my comp :> And yup our cups in the office are used to put stationeries!

I started my gap year with Youth.SG and I can’t explain how glad it is for my gap year to end off with this internship. So yes, after extending my contract for 3 times, I’m leaving this amazing place. Needless to say, I’ll miss editorial life. As tough as it may be coming up with ideas to pitch when Singapore is so not happening, I’ll miss sourcing the net and discussing thrashy topics which can possibly be churned into an article with the team. The time spent here opened my eyes to what it meant by a helpful team, a positive working environment (although we always get chased around :<) and of course what it is like being in the workforce.


We may all be smiling but the struggle in taking this picture was real. The sun wasn’t helping and the picture was never centered which resulted in us grumbling. HEH.

Close friends of mine have told me that I’ve changed having worked there, for both the better and worse HAHA. I was told that I have became more daring, direct and heartless. It is true though, for I can feel the changes myself and sometimes I surprise myself by saying and doing stuff I wouldn’t have had the courage to do so in the past. I guess this stems from me being a solo intern when I first started out.

On a side note, it was only yesterday did I realise that fatigue is a double-edged sword for me as a dancer. It once caused me to fall off pointe yet this exhaustion also helped me to achieve my first double pirouette en pointe. The turns were over by the time I figured out what was going on. But hey, it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. (:


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