A year ago, I was having a blast with Big Bang at the Marina Bay Platform Countdown Party. A year later, I’m sitting here looking back at my 2015 with a backache (yes I am clearly aware I am too young for this). I might have aged during this period of time but 2015 is one year I am reluctant to part with. I started this year with an overwhelming blend of feelings – anxiety, uncertainty and yes of course crazy (since I’m star-struck) but I ended this year somewhat peacefully. It seemed like an anti-climax at first sight but honestly, I thought that this past year has been one of the most enriching years in my 20 years of life. I had the most amazing job/internship, not only because I’m doing what I like, but also because of my fellow interns. The environment was rich with teamwork and friendships, I found myself actually looking forward to work everyday. Needless to say, it was saddening when each of us had to take our leave but this team played a big part to my enjoyment in the company and so I was beyond thankful for all my days well spent then.

Then came my letter of acceptance into NTU. Yes, I still couldn’t believe it till today. It was tough. I just had to admit that. It was so tough trying to pray for a letter of acceptance. The feeling of hoboing around, not knowing where I will end up at, unsure if I could even be an undergrad was terrible. In fact, it felt so hollow I’m sure I don’t ever want to experience it again. While it may seemed silly upon hearing how thankful one is upon receiving the matric card, I couldn’t forget the emotions which stirred inside of me when I first received mine. Till today, it’s unbelievable. And so although I didn’t attain that oh-so-perfect GPA for my 1st sem, the very fact that I am an undergrad itself fills me up with gratitude.

I started taking risks when I first started internship and it continued on this year. Although I am still somewhat extra wary and at times paranoid with regards to the decisions I make/ about to make, luck has been shining on me whenever I took risks generally. However, it dawned on me that this side of me gradually turned me to become a more independent person, or rather, somewhat over independent. Following a dear friend’s input, I was told that I make decisions, both trivial and important by following my heart and rationality, without the consult of anyone. That’s a blind spot. I didn’t notice that till it was pointed out to me. I still haven’t decided if that’s good or bad but I thought it might be time I tone down a tad bit of my independence level? HAHAHA.

Here are 3 significant turning points in my 2015. Like I said, I don’t wish to part ways with it, because I had so much fun during my gap year and first term of school. The next 3-4 years will be purely school and while I’m sure I’ll enjoy school, I believe the type of fun I will experience will be a very different type from what I went through this year. I’m wrapping this year up and keeping it safe in my heart, deep down in fact.

With that, I’m ready for 2016.

p.s. I wrote this post all in one go, without proof-reading because I am just so tired. (another sign I’m ageing)


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