Sem 2

Hols are coming to an end in a week’s time (okay 6 days to be exact). As much as I crave for more nua time, I actually can’t wait for school to start. To be honest, I’ve been really bored throughout these 5 weeks. I can’t say that I don’t feel accomplished, for I have been filling in the gaps which I had missed doing so much. In fact, I slowed down life by a tenfold during this hols as compared to school term. A part of me can’t wait to be immersed in depressing, or I would say realistic lectures, a part of me can’t wait to start peeling apart facts which probably aren’t facts facts and a part of me can’t wait to get back to the hectic lifestyle I was accustomed to. This is probably why a break is indeed a break and not a full-time profession. I have yet to finish Wise Man’s Fear, I barely completed 9/20 dramas I intended to watch and okay I had met almost all the friends I wanted to catch up with, but my point is one can never have enough rest. But hey guess what? I feel ready enough to continue with life.

People who have known me long enough would have known that k-drama is my comfort zone, my cave. It is an avenue where escapism is at its best and a place for me to heal my exhaustion in life. For the first time in my life, I requested a getaway to anywhere overseas away from the city. School life has been so hectic, I always seemed to be having a rat race with time, my heart seemed to be always filled with anxiety and restlessness. But of course, my parents just had to refuse. And so that’s when I turn to K-dramas. I started and ended with rom com, a genre which had a taken a backseat in recent years for I favoured thrillers instead. Okay maybe I’ll watch one more thriller before school starts but I’m pretty sure the last rom com I caught is still gonna be more impactful. I shall not delve into details about the what the dramas are about but these rom coms made me reflect for good and pushed me to think what I want to make do with my life now.

So this scene in Twenty Again hit me hard. A realization I had buried deep maybe.

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