Recently I’ve been thinking about what I’ve gained and lost after poetry entered my life. One thing for sure is that I can better sort out my feelings and I take a far shorter time in realising why I’m feeling a certain way. Sometimes it is through that one punchline which relates to me and sometimes it is the entire message a poem aims to deliver that helps me organize my thoughts.

And right now, I can’t help but feel disappointed in myself.

When I thought I had put in enough effort, it turned out that I didn’t. When I thought I had tried my best, I realized I wasn’t even close. When I thought I had wanted it bad enough, I felt that the process which I put myself through wasn’t smart enough. But when I thought I had chosen a tougher path, I know I still am on this path, pushing through, only that I’m unsure if it’s gonna be worth it.

Or am I even on the right path?

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