Back to my roots

It feels weird to say that I’m back writing, because technically I didn’t stop. I merely switched platforms. I’m now back at writing prose on a site that’s familiarly unfamiliar, a place which taught me what stepping out of comfort zone meant. I’ve expected that stepping into this familiar zone again will never be the same. New people, new angles to explore, new struggles and the list goes on.

I’ve been rushing out articles since my first week back and staging a dance production simultaneously have thrown me into a rat race with time, not to even mention that I’m also preparing for my driving test, which I’m praying so badly that I’ll pass.

I can’t say that I’m not enjoying this fast-paced life of mine, but I feel that a balance is something I should be striving for, instead of continuous output now. With new knowledge gained during this past year in school, somehow I grew to become more uncertain following this exposure. How do I explore this area? Is this the best way to present this content? Does this piece have an overly-subjective tone?

But firstly, I need sleep.

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