You know you’ve stayed away from wordpress for too long when you are stumped for a sec before being able to recall your username. To be honest, I can’t even recall what my last post was on.

Long story short, summer has began and in fact it is ending in a month’s time. I’ve been incredibly busy, working on editorial stuff as well as staging a dance production. A loooooong reflective post will be done after all these are over.

On a side note, I’m guilty for not writing poetry ever since summer has started. I hate to think that my liking towards poetry is merely a phase of my life; I actually do want it to be part of my life, something that I can turn to as a form of stress reliever. But the immense time needed to craft words that show instead of tell a story is not something I have right now. That being said, I have tons of trashy unfinished stanzas though.

Also, SHINE has just ended and I’m so glad to be able to see Jay Park for 3 days straight. Hehhhhhhh. The adrenaline rush in editing photos to captioning them late at night in the office has been nothing short of exciting yet stressful. Teamwork was honestly something I experienced first-hand, so strongly for the first time, especially among people whom I just met in the newsroom. It definitely was not the usual editorial environment I was used to.

One of my personal goals this year was to focus more on dance and I’m genuinely glad that I am able to do so through the current production which I’m helping to stage. It has not been an easy journey so far. With hiccups alongside a mountain of logistics to handle, I can’t be newer to these administrative stuff. But again, I can’t wait to showcase to everyone the full piece. 😉

Meanwhile, I have a draft due tomorrow yet I’m barely 1/4 through it. Come to me feels, so that I can continue writing,

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