My hidden treasure chest

There are times in sociology lectures where prof talk about social problems and the room will be engulfed with a wave of silence upon the end of lecture. It lasts for a few seconds but I caught it several times and no doubt I am one of those who were dazed and mindfucked by what was taught in the previous 3 hours at times. Sociology is depressing, it is cynical and so it is easy to find people who are skeptical and pessimistic as hell here, most apparently seen through countless thesis and essays. And so I became subtly deviant at times. I got caught, but instead of being exposed, I was appreciated, in a private language I hadn’t experience in some time.

Low rising

I think one of the reasons why I enjoy my weekly dance lessons is the random chats and discussions we have with our teacher. And this week we talked about the local Arts scene. Actually come to think about it, this is a topic which have resurfaced multiple times. We all contributed a fair share of rantings as well, it’s like the lines are blurred and we all seem like a community instead of the conventional teacher and students roles. And I think that’s something I’m appreciative of. I was in fact really looking forward to yesterday’s session after a 3 week hiatus.

I’ve also jumped into the bandwagon and caught Our Times in the theatres. Okay actually I’ve been waiting for it for a month since it’s release in Taiwan. It’s well-rounded, it’s moving and it’s sparked a chain of thoughts within me. But somehow, I still preferred Cafe, Waiting, Love is better. Impracticality is probably the loophole here.

Amidst my endless submissions of term papers and presentations, I have managed to finish reading perks of being  a wallflower. I was initially sceptical of this book because I glanced through Love Rosie (letter style writing too!) and I didn’t like it. Surprisingly, I feel this feeling of inner peace as I read it, although I have no idea why. It might take some time before I pick up my next book because submission deadlines are nearing AGAIN.

I don’t wanna turn this into a gloomy and whiny post by listing out all the details regarding my assignments. The bottomline however, is that I’m liking what I’m doing (not sure if I love it yet), although it’s tough as hell.